Our experience manufacturing quality footwear goes back more than thirty years. Maityka is a brand born with a deliberately responsible, eco-sustainable vocation; being fully respectful of both our natural environment and the human being. Hence, we pay special attention to design, comfort, innovation and social responsibility. As a socially responsible organization, we are committed to promote both human values and social awareness through the support of initiatives that share Maityka´s vision.


Our meticulous design and manufacturing process aims to provide the greatest comfort, health and well-being when walking. First, the shoe is designed, a phase that allows the patterns to be developed later. Then the raw material is selected, subject to a strict control that guarantees both its quality and the lowest possible environmental impact. Then the footwear is made in a traditional way, combining the process craftsmanship and the use of technologies capable of improving both comfort and shoe durability.


Maytika feels the responsibility of giving back society as much as it receives from it, looking for more efficient production systems and as less aggressive as possible manufacturing techniques for the environment and people. Solidarity collaborations all over the world makes Maytika something else than just a shoe brand, but a way of living, being and feeling, a way of going, step by step, through life.


We are committed to the development of activities and awareness actions of entities that are related to the brand. In this way we continue backing  real values such as perseverance, teamwork, equality and sustainability.

Some of the entities with which Maytika collaborates are:

Promete Foundation, aimed at  the promotion of women’s sports and the development of innovative educational programs


Eco ethical shoes.Maytika´s soul is always responsible, eco-sustainable and respectful of both the environment and the complexity of the human being.

Human Being

The human being, his sensations, well-being, cultural and artistic complexity is by necessity a central pillar of our values.


Maytika promotes respect for the environment and aims to promote its conservation and healthy interaction with human beings and their needs.


Nature, with all its geographic and biological diversity, is not only an essential part of the environment, but an axis on which to base our artistic and spiritual inspiration.


Minimizing the ecological footprint of our production processes and making them as compatible as possible with respectful environmental policies is an inalienable motto of our factory.


Maytika aspires to take care of the feet of the people who trust her. Walking well is living well.


Innovate is essential in design, production and also in the efficient management of our resources.


Returning to society what this has given us is part of our philosophy.


Tradition is the bearer of wisdom. Our ancestors were often aware of the bond that unites man and nature in every corner of the planet. We do not give up learning from ancestral knowledge.