Spring – summer 2019 Collection

At your pace: Maytika SS 19. The collection brings together the essence of the brand: comfortable, resistant shoes, full of fresh colors and made with flexible leathers. Maytika´s natural soul and eco-ethical values are everywhere. Wearing the shoes will transport you to a space where travel, adventure and nature are with you all the day long.

The soul of life is the joy that fills the traveller´s heart, and lingers after every new adventure.

The sea cradles the mysterious island of Alborán, whose shade protects a labyrinth of red coral.

The wind blowing on the rough skin of the Kalahari is full of sand, mystery and old stories.

The forest is a like a sea full of sensations and lasting peace that travelers must learn slowly to enjoy.

Rainbow village is for the traveler a luminous, astonishing, discovery in the middle of Java.

A yoruba tradition says that the mountain, oke, is the goddess who rules the movements of the Earth.

It is raining in Manila while the Pasig River takes care of the old Intramuros city.